Car Alarms

Best Selection of Car Alarms in Long Beach, Lakewood CA

Pacific Audio carries the largest selection of car alarms and auto security equipment in the Long Beach area. We’re here to help local drivers keep their vehicles and valuables safe and secure.

Protecting Your Vehicle

Cars are one of the most expensive assets most people own, so it’s a good idea to keep them protected with a car alarm or security system. Break-ins can happen anywhere, so whether you live in a gated community or a high-crime area, it never hurts to be prepared.

We carry several different types of alarms, including immobilizer systems, which prevent hot-wiring of the engine; passive alarms, which automatically activate when the driver turns off the vehicle and locks the doors; active alarms, which can be activated with the click of a button; audible alarms, which blast the horn and flash the car’s lights when set off; silent alarms, which notify the owner via mobile phone when set off; and many more systems. These alarms don’t just scare thieves away, they actually prevent them from starting the car until the alarm is shut off, even if the thief has a key.

Our Products

No matter what kind of alarm or security product you’re looking for, we have a solution for your needs. We carry leading brands, including Audio Vox, Astra, Code Alarm, Crime Guard, Viper, and more. From traditional car alarms to remote start and keyless entry systems, our expert technicians can quickly and efficiently install them in your vehicle, with no appointment required. All installation work is backed by our lifetime installation warranty.

Check out our online inventory or visit our store in Lakewood, CA to browse our selection of car alarms. The experts at Pacific Audio are ready to help you find the right car alarm for your vehicle today!

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